Which solariums are allowed in Norway?


Published 03.09.2015, updated 06.09.2017 12:16

Keywords: Sun beds

Only solariums classified as UV type 3 according to the European standard EN 60335-2-27 are allowed for cosmetic use in Norway.

The solariums must be published on NRPA’s solarium list on NRPA's solarium list. To be published on this list, the importer or distributor (or producer) must notify the solarium model to the NRPA. Information about these notifications may be found here. The solarium list is updated continuously.

Solarium models not classified as UV type 3 are not allowed for sale, lease or use. This applies to most models approved before 1993, according to previous regulations.

Solarium owners are responsible at all times for the radiation not being too high, even when the cause is a manufacturing defect or that tubes or lamps have changed over time. The fact that models, with specified equivalency code ranges and high pressure lamps, are published on our solarium list is thus no guarantee of the radiation level being within acceptable limits.

If inspections or other circumstances show that the radiation from a solarium exceeds the limits for UV type 3, it is your responsibility to prove that the necessary corrections have been made before the solarium may be used again.