Which tubes and lamps can be used in the solarium?


Published 03.09.2015, updated 01.06.2016 11:12

Keywords: Sun beds

The tubes and lamps very often determine the radiation level from a solarium. Other significant factors are the distance from the tubes/lamps to the body, the distance between the tubes, electrical components, reflectors behind the tubes and lamps and the fan capacity (as the radiation yield depends on the temperature). All this means that one tube type may give UV type 3 in one solarium model but result in too high radiation when used in another model.

The distributor is responsible for the solariums being equipped with correct tubes and lamps according to the classification and for the radiation not exceeding UV type 3 at the time of sale or rent. Further, it is the solarium owner/company’s own responsibility to ensure that the solariums are equipped at all times with the tubes and lamps with which they were classified and that the radiation does not exceed UV type 3. Both distributor and owner also have a responsibility to ensure that other components, such as ballasts, filters and acrylic sheets, are in accordance with what the device has been certified with. Valid specifications for each model are what is shown at any given time on NRPA’s solarium list on NRPA's solarium list. Make sure that the combination of tubes and lamps is correct.

The NRPA has seen examples of tubes and lamps giving too high radiation due to a manufacturing defect or other causes. The company or organisation must check to see that this is not the case with the tubes and lamps in use. The company or organisation is also responsible for ensuring that every solarium is labelled with a specification of permitted UV sources (equivalency code ranges and high pressure lamps).

From 1 May 2014, only solarium tubes (low pressure UV lamps) with equivalency codes are allowed to be used, and all solarium models must have one or more equivalency code ranges. On NRPA’s solarium list, all solarium models are now only specified with equivalency code ranges, high pressure lamp names and necessary ballasts, filters etc. The previous tube lists are no longer valid and have been removed. Read more about equivalency coding here or in StrålevernInfo 3:2014 (in Norwegian only).