Labelling requirements for the solariums


Published 03.09.2015, updated 31.05.2018 13:26

Keywords: Sun beds

The following labels in Norwegian must be attached to all solariums, according to the Regulations on Radiation Protection and Use of Radiation:


 UV-type 3



Warning text:

Advarsel - Ultrafiolett stråling kan føre til skade på øyne og hud.

Les bruksanvisningen.

Bruk beskyttelsesbriller. Enkelte medisiner og kosmetikk
kan øke følsomheten for UV.

Equivalency code range: 

Wattage - Reflector-type - UV-kode-range (Xmin - Xmax)/

If the solarium model has high-pressure lamps or other UV sources (other than low pressure fluorescent tubes), these must also be specified on the label.

If the luminance from the solarium exceeds 100,000 cd/m, the following label must also be attached to the solarium:

 Advarsel. Intens lysstyrke.
 Se ikke rett på lyskilden.

Example combining the two first labels (may be printed and used – click on the label for printable version):