Notification requirements for companies/organisations and solariums


Published 03.07.2015, updated 31.12.2018 12:27

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All companies or organisations offering solariums for cosmetic purposes for sale, lease or use must notify the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA).

Notification requirement –companies and organisations

According to the Radiation Protection Regulations, Sections 13–15, all companies and organisations offering solariums for cosmetic purposes for sale, lease or use must notify the NRPA.

The NRPA’s electronic registration system for radiation sources (EMS) must be used to notify of companies or organisations offering solariums. From 21 March 2016 our new version of EMS is to be used and log in is done using "ID-porten". For more information about the new EMS, se help pages on For information about "ID-porten", see The guideline Veileder til solstudioeiere og virksomheter som tilbyr soling i solarium (Veileder 3) (in Norwegian only) gives a short description on how to register the company/organisation and solariums and the age control system.
In the new version of EMS, both the company/organisation and every single solarium unit must be registered.

  • The company, organisation or person actually offering the solarium must notify the DSA. If the solariums are placed there by another company or organisation, which has taken the responsibility for everything concerning the solariums, that company/organisation may notify the DSA. But it is still the company or organisation where the solariums are physically located that is responsible for notifying the DSA.
  • New companies and organisations must register before start-up. First you register the company, then one new registration is created and submitted for each of the company/organisation’s solarium units.
  • If more solariums are bought/rented at a later stage these must also be registered.
  • The DSA is also to be notified if the company/organisation is temporarily or permanent closed down or sold, or the solariums are sold or disposed of. This is done by editing the existing solarium registrations and changing the “source state” of the solariums in EMS.
  • The company/organisation must ensure that all information in EMS is up to date, such as contact information (phone/e-mail), name of radiation protection coordinator, and name, address and contact information of tanning studios registered as “departments” or “rooms” under the company/organisation in EMS.
  • All registrations in the old version of EMS was transferred to the new system. But a lot of these registrations are old and out of date, especially regarding the number of solarium units and models in use. All companies/organisations are therefore asked to log in and check all information and registrations and update these if necessary.
  • If you are not able to use the electronic registration system, please contact the DSA.
  • From 1 January 2017, the notification must also include a description of the company or organisation’s system for checking the age of solarium customers:

    For every solarium registration, write/copy one of the following lines into the comment field at the bottom of the registration form, depending of which system your company/organisation uses:
    • Age control system: Full time staff service
    • Age control system: Part time staff service combined with an electronic access control.
    • Age control system: Video automate equipped with a document reader connected to a customer centre.
    • Age control system: Other type of in advance access control and registration combined with subsequent electronic access control.
  • This is sufficient for registering the age control system and the NRPA needs no further description of the system.

    For solariums already registered in EMS, click the “edit” button for each of the registrations and write, as described above, in the comment field at the bottom of the registration form. In addition, you must also write “Registration of age control system” in the “Comment –this change” field at the top of the registration form.

Notification requirement –new solarium models or lamp combinations

According to the Radiation Protection Regulations, Sections 13–15 and 36, all solarium models and lamp combinations must be notified to the DSA. This notification requirement replaces the former approval requirement. From 21 March 2016 DSA’s electronic registration system for radiation sources (EMS) must be used for notifications of both new solarium models and changes to existing models.

In EMS, log in is done using "ID-porten". For more information about the new EMS, se help pages on For information about "ID-porten", see “ID-porten” can only be used by Norwegian residents having a national ID number or a D number. Foreign companies/persons intending to notify new solarium models or lamp combinations must contact the DSA for further information about submission Method.

  • The notification must include documentation and measurements that confirm the classification of the solarium. The measurements must be performed either by the DSA’s laboratory or by another laboratory accepted by the DSA. See “Requirements for the measuring laboratory” below.
  • The notification must contain all information required in the electronic notification in EMS, enclosing measurements, technical documentation and an instruction manual with exposure schedule in Norwegian. See the list of required documentation below.
  • The DSA must also be notified when changes that may have an impact on the radiation level (i.e. new lamp types) are made to previously accepted solarium models, in addition to change of name or other identification of the model.

Only solariums classified as UV type 3 according to the current European Standard (EN 60335-2-27) are allowed for cosmetic purposes in Norway. The importer/distributor of a solarium is responsible for ensuring that all requirements are fulfilled and all necessary measurements have been performed.

It is not legal to offer a solarium, for sale, lease nor use, until the solarium model in question has been published on the NRPA’s website. It is not necessary to send a new notification for solarium models that are already registered on this website according to the former approval system.

Requirements for the measuring laboratory

  • The measurements must be performed according to the following standards:
    • EN 60335-2-27 – Safety of household and similar electrical appliances, part 2: Particular requirements for appliances for skin exposure to ultraviolet and infrared radiation
    • EN 61228 – Fluorescent ultraviolet lamps used for tanning – Measurement and specification method
  • The DSA accepts measurement reports from laboratories accredited for measuring according to the current version of the solarium standard EN 60335-2-27. We also accept measurement reports from laboratories which have a quality system and written procedures that document that the measurements are performed according to this standard and also fulfil the requirements given in ISO 17025 concerning measurement quality.
  • Traceability to a standard laboratory, calibration routines to ensure stability and prevent wavelength shifts and temperature stabilisation of the measuring instrument must be documented.
  • Written procedures for measuring methods must be available upon request
  • Measurement results must be documented with a measurement report, and the actual measured values for each wavelength must be given, in addition to the maximum values measured in each part of the solarium.

Documentation that must accompany the notification of new solarium models or changes to existing models:

  • Measurement report showing:
    • Date and location for when and where the measurements were performed
    • Who was responsible for the measurements
    • Measurement laboratory accreditation and validity (including which standard and validity)
    • Which standard the measurements were in accordance with (number and year)
    • The method of calibration and date of last calibration
    • Uncertainty range for the measurements
    • A description of the measuring apparatus, including bandwidth and diameter of the diffuser
    • A description of the measurement method, including measurement distances, where maximum irradiance was measured in each part of the solarium and if the solarium bench and canopy were alternately covered
    • Name of the solarium, fluorescent lamps, high-pressure lamps and filters, setting/effect of ballasts
    • The number of hours/minutes lamps are aged and warmed up before measurement
    • Equivalency codes on the lamps that are measured
    • The voltage and temperature at measurement time
    • UV-type classification
    • Maximum erythema-weighted short and long wave and total UV radiation in the canopy, bench, face and shoulder positions. Alternatively, the maximum position in a stand-up cabinet.
    • Table of irradiance (W/m²) in the range 250-400 nm
  • Technical documentation that indicates the solarium type, operating voltage, power, number and type of fluorescent and high-pressure lamps in each part of the solarium, filters, acrylic sheets, ballasts, ballast settings, electronic settings and anything else that may affect the radiation level.
  • The equivalency code ranges for the solarium model
  • User manual in Norwegian according to the latest version of the EN 60335-2-27 with Annex
  • Exposure schedule according to the latest version of the EN 60335-2-27 with Annex
  • Stickers with UV type 3 and warning notice in Norwegian
  • Photos of the logo of the various lamp types