About the Nuclear Action Plan


Published 24.07.2015, updated 31.12.2018 12:37

Keywords: Nuclear action plan

The large-scale nuclear activities during the cold war have led to large quantities of radioactive waste and nuclear material being stored under poor safety conditions very close to Norway. Radioactive contamination could have a serious effect on Norwegian interests, with regard to health, the environment and commercial activities. Initially, the most important thing was to gain an overview of the pollution situation and the sources of emissions. In more recent years, the focus has been more on preventing potential contamination, as well as on securing nuclear and radioactive material so that it does not fall into the wrong hands, where it might be used for terrorism.

For 20 years, the Norwegian-Russian collaboration has produced concrete and measurable results that have made life safer for the people of Norway and Russia. The insight and competence that we build up, and the contacts we have made with the radiation protection authorities in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet states, put us in a much better position to handle situations that might arise.

The nuclear action plan was established in 1995 and is Norway’s most important instrument for collaboration on nuclear safety in North West Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet states. The nuclear action plan is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority is responsible for administering the funding and quality assurance of the work. The action plan is revised from time to time as targets are reached and measures are completed.