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Published 12.10.2009, updated 01.10.2014 14:25

Keywords: Nuclear action plan

NRPA Reports
"Regulatory improvements related to the radiation and environmental protection during remediation of the nuclear legacy sites in North West Russia"
(StrålevernRapport 8:2008)
This report describes work carried in 2007 under the NRPA – Federal Medical-Biological Agency regulatory support program. It focuses on development of improved regulatory documents and supervision of remediation activities due to be carried out at Andreeva Bay and Gremikha in Northwest Russia. The work program for 2008 is also introduced.

"Mayak Health Report" (StrålevernRapport 3:2008)
This report presents dose estimates for specific populations along the Techa River which have been affected by radioactive discharges originating from activities at Mayak Production Association (Mayak PA). Likely health effects resulting from estimated doses are briefly discussed as well as recent developments in the chosen dose estimation methodology.

"Upgrading the regulatory framework of the Russian federation for the safe decommissioning and disposal of RTGs"
In Russian. (Strålevernrapport 2:2008)
The overall objective of the collaborative project was to upgrade the existing regulatory framework of the Russian Federation for the safe decommissioning and disposal of Radioisotope Thermolectric Generators (RTG). The report is in Russian.

NRPA Bulletin
"Repository for radioactive waste from petroleum operations" (StrålevernInfo 6:2008)
In March 2008, the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority gave the first authorisation to a new repository for radioactive waste from the petroleum industry on the Norwegian continental shelf.