Further monitoring of the situation in the Stepovogo Fjord


Published 23.10.2014

Keywords: Radioactive waste, Radioactivity in the environment

The report which presents the results obtained by the joint Norwegian-Russian research cruise in 2012 to investigate the radioecological status of Stepovogo Fjord is now ready. There is no indication of any leakage from the reactor units of the nuclear submarine K-27. Although the current environmental levels of radionuclides in the fjord are not of immediate cause for concern, further monitoring of the situation is warranted.

The nuclear submarine K-27 and solid radioactive waste has been dumped in the Stepovogo Fjord on the eastern coast of Novaya Zemlya.

According to the report, a better understanding of the amount, source and status of waste that has been dumped in the inner part of the fjord is required. Additionally, the situation with regard to the nuclear submarine K-27 in the outer part of the fjord should be followed, especially in connection with any future plans involving the recovery of K-27 from the fjord, is the conclusion in the report.

The submarine K-27 was dumped in the Stepovogo Fjord in 1981.