Tiny amounts of radioactive iodine in air measured in Finnmark


Published 15.08.2019

Keywords: Preparedness

Tiny amounts of radioactive iodine has been measured in air at our air filter station in Svanhovd in Northern Norway. The level detected is very low and poses no harm to people nor the environment.

The sample was taken in the period 9-12 August 2019. The measurement result is comparable to earlier measurements. Norwegian monitoring stations detect radioactive iodine about 6-8 times a year and the source is usually unknown. When no other radioactive substances than iodine is detected, the source is most likely releases from production facilities for radioactive pharmaceuticals containing iodine.

At present it is not possible to determine if the last iodine detection is linked to the accident in Arkhangelsk last week. DSA continues more frequent sampling and analysis.

See radiation levels in air here: https://radnett.dsa.no/