Here you'll find all our publications written in English:

  • DSA Report is a publication for description, analysis or evaluation witin the NRPA's fields.
  • DSA Bulletin is a current newsletter. Each bulletin concentrates on one theme over 1-4 pages.
  • Technical Document is a technical/scientific publication series focusing on measurement techniques, dose assessment, calibration and laboratory procedures.
  • Other publications: Various publications published by the DSA.

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  Title ▲ Topic Date Download Type
+ Investigation into the radioecological status of Stepovogo fjord 23.10.2014 Download Other publications
+ Investigation into the Radioecological Status of the Site of the Sunken Nuclear Submarine K-159 Nuclear action plan 24.01.2018 Download Other publications
  Results from the 2014 research cruise. JOINT NORWEGIAN-RUSSIAN EXPERT GROUP for investigation of Radioactive Contamination in the Northern Areas
+ Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management Nuclear safety 29.06.2006 Download Andre publikasjoner
  National Report from Norway. Second review meeting, 16 – 25 May 2006.
+ Mobile Telephony and Health: – A common approach for the Nordic competent authorities Mobile telephones 22.09.2004 Download Andre publikasjoner
+ National UV and Skin Cancer Strategy UV-radiation 18.12.2019 Download DSA Report
  The report presents the national UV- and skin cancer strategy. The strategy’s aim is to reduce incidence and mortality from skin cancer in Norway. The strategy in its original form is published in Norwegian and as DSA report 2019: 02. This report presents a translated version of the strategy itself, without attachments.
+ National UV and Skin Cancer Strategy - short form UV-radiation 20.01.2020 Download Publications
  The national UV and skin cancer strategy will strengthen skin cancer preventive work done by the health authorities, the health service and the municipalities.
+ Nordic Intervention Criteria for Nuclear or Radiological Emergencies - Recommendations Preparedness 12.03.2010 Download Other publications
  Recommendations of the Nordic radiation protection authorities on application of international criteria in a nuclear or radiological emergency in the Nordic countries are presented.
+ Norwegian government action plan for nuclear activities and the environment in northern areas Nuclear action plan 08.10.2009 Download Andre publikasjoner
  Report 2006-2008. In Russian.
+ Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority NRPA 01.07.2008 Download Andre publikasjoner
  A brief presentation of the NRPA.
+ NRPA Bulletin 08-2018 - 10 years of cooperation between NRPA and regulatory authorities in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan 15.08.2018 NRPA Bulletin
  The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority has successively cooperated with its sister organizations in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan for over 10 years in relation to regulatory enhancement for nuclear safety and radiation protection.