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  • DSA Report is a publication for description, analysis or evaluation witin the NRPA's fields.
  • DSA Bulletin is a current newsletter. Each bulletin concentrates on one theme over 1-4 pages.
  • Technical Document is a technical/scientific publication series focusing on measurement techniques, dose assessment, calibration and laboratory procedures.
  • Other publications: Various publications published by the DSA.

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  Title Topic Date ▼ Download Type
+ NRPA Bulletin 08-2018 - 10 years of cooperation between NRPA and regulatory authorities in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan 15.08.2018 NRPA Bulletin
  The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority has successively cooperated with its sister organizations in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan for over 10 years in relation to regulatory enhancement for nuclear safety and radiation protection.
+ NRPA Bulletin 7:2018 No leakage from the sunken nuclear submarine K-159 14.06.2018 Download NRPA Bulletin
  In 2014 a joint Norwegian Russian expedition visited the site of the sunken nuclear submarine K-159 in the Barents Sea. No indication of any leakage from the reactor units of K-159 to the marine environment was detected.
+ Strategic Action Plan 2018-2021 NRPA 05.06.2018 Download Other publications
+ StralevernInfo 6:2018 Floating nuclear power plant Nuclear safety 07.05.2018 Download NRPA Bulletin
  Floating nuclear power plant to be transported along the Norwegian coast
+ StrålevernRapport 2018:6: Affecting the Assessment of Impacts of Disposal of Radioactive and Hazardous Waste Radioactive waste 30.04.2018 Download NRPA Report
  Based on the identified need to develop coherent approaches applicable for radioactive and hazardous waste types, as well as to mixed waste such as NORM waste, a study to address the issues affecting the assessment of impacts of disposal of radioactive and hazardous waste was done internationally by members of the Bioprota forum. Details on key objectives, main findings and results of the study are given in this report.
+ NRPA Report 2018:5 Ukrainian Regulatory Threat Assessment 2017 Nuclear action plan 13.04.2018 Download Publications
  This report reassess the main nuclear and radiation threats to safety and security in Ukraine from a regulatory perspective and identifies the current main challenges, threats and gaps in the Ukrainian regulatory framework.
+ Teknisk dokument nr. 13 Assessment of Photon Dosimetry, Oslo University Hospital Dosimetry 11.04.2018 Download Technical document
  The quality of absolute photon dosimetry of two linear accelerators at Oslo University Hospital has been audited. The results show a good compliance between the NRPA and the hospital absolute photon dosimetry.
+ NRPA report 2018:4 Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites: The Process from Recognition to Resolution Radioactive waste 09.04.2018 Download NRPA Report
  This report describes the presentations and discussions from the workshop, which also resulted in the identification of further research and cooperation needs. The workshop was organized by the NRPA, with the official support of the IAEA, NEA and ICRP. The objective of the workshop was to promote the sharing of experience on practical regulation of a wide range of nuclear and radiation legacies, from initial recognition through to full resolution.
+ NRPA Bulletin 2:2018 Norwegian- Ukrainian Regulatory Cooperation Program 2015-2017 Nuclear action plan 21.02.2018 Download NRPA Bulletin
  The “Ukrainian Regulatory Threat Assessment” report was developed in 2015 within the framework of the Bilateral Agreement on Cooperation in Nuclear and Radiation Safety between the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) and the Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU)
+ NRPA Bulletin 3:2018 The joint Norwegian-Russian Regulatory Cooperation Program regarding remediation of Andreeva Bay Nuclear action plan 21.02.2018 Download NRPA Bulletin
  The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) is involved in a regulatory cooperation program with the Russian Federation.