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  • DSA Report is a publication for description, analysis or evaluation witin the NRPA's fields.
  • DSA Bulletin is a current newsletter. Each bulletin concentrates on one theme over 1-4 pages.
  • Technical Document is a technical/scientific publication series focusing on measurement techniques, dose assessment, calibration and laboratory procedures.
  • Other publications: Various publications published by the DSA.

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  Title ▼ Topic Date Download Type
+ What should I do in case of a nuclear event? Preparedness 02.09.2014 Download Publications
+ UV-radiation of sun beds. Common public health advice from Nordic radiation protection and health authorities Sun beds 28.03.2006 Download Andre publikasjoner
+ TMT Handbook Preparedness 31.01.2014 Download Andre publikasjoner
+ The government`s action plan for nuclear activites and the environment in the northern area 23.09.2016 Download Andre publikasjoner
  For 20 years, the Norwegian-Russian Collaboration has produced concrete and measurable results that have made life safer for the People of Norway and Russia. In this booklet, you will find a summary of the Norwegian initiatives in recent years.
+ The Fukushima Dai-ichi accident Nuclear safety 10.06.2015 Download Other publications
  Radioactive releases have caused little apparent harm to the marine ecosystems of the Pacific Ocean, but uncertainities remain.
+ Teknisk dokument nr. 4 - Analysis of the uniformity of mammography detectors Medical use of radiation 08.05.2014 Download Teknisk dokument
  Utprøving av nylig utviklet programvare for analyse av detektoruniformitet i digital mammografi. Forslag til passende grenseverdier.
+ Teknisk dokument nr. 13 Assessment of Photon Dosimetry, Oslo University Hospital Dosimetry 11.04.2018 Download Technical document
  The quality of absolute photon dosimetry of two linear accelerators at Oslo University Hospital has been audited. The results show a good compliance between the NRPA and the hospital absolute photon dosimetry.
+ Teknisk dokument 7 Absorbed doses to water for x-ray dosimetry on a PXI X-RAD 225 Part I – Measurements Dosimetry 12.10.2015 Download Teknisk dokument
  For a tube potential of 225 kV, current of 10 mA and source-to-surface distance (SSD) of 50 cm, the absorbed dose rate to water on the central field axis at a depth of 2 g/cm2 of water in the 21.0 cm×21.0 cm×11.5 cm water phantom was (1.16±0.02) Gy/min.
+ Technical document no 15: Iodine-131 and other medical radioisotopes in Fucus vesiculosus in the marine environment around Tromsøya and in sewage from the University Hospital of North Norway in Tromsø 11.12.2019 Download Technical document
+ Technical Document 8 Air kerma measurements with Landauer nanoDots in Cs-137 and Co-60 beams Dosimetry 07.12.2017 Download Technical document
  This report concerns air kerma in air measurements with Landauer nanoDots (Landauer, Inc., Greenwood, IL) in Cs-137 and Co-60 beams. It establishes through measurements and simulations that nanoDots require additional beam energy appropriate buildup for air kerma in air measurements at these beam qualities.