Norwegian nuclear facilities


Published 02.07.2014, updated 31.12.2018 12:03

Keywords: Nuclear safety

The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority supervises the safety of all Norwegian nuclear facilities: the two research reactors at Kjeller near Lillestrøm and in Halden, and the waste repository in Himdalen in Akershus county.

The research reactor at Kjeller

The research reactor at Kjeller

All three facilities are run by the Institute for Energy Technology. NRPA’s responsibility also extends to supervising the transport of radioactive substances to and from the facilities, as well as the processing, storage and disposal of radioactive waste.

The research reactors

The research reactors are used for production of radioisotopes, neutron physics research (Kjeller) and nuclear safety research (Halden). The energy production of the Norwegian reactors is respectively about 0.07 % (Kjeller) and 0.7 % (Halden) that of a typical nuclear power plant. Accident and impact analysis studies have been carried out for both reactors. Even extremely serious accidents at these reactors will not result in harmful radiation to the local population. However, in the event of a serious accident, one of the options would be a temporary evacuation of people in the immediate environs (500–1000 m).

Disposal of radioactive waste

There is a facility in Norway for disposal of low and medium level radioactive waste at Himdalen (Akershus county). The majority of the waste at this facility is in the form of radioactive sources used in industry and medicine. The facility also contains the waste generated by operation of the nuclear facilities at Kjeller and in Halden. Spent fuel is not disposed of in this facility.