Information to solarium owners


Published 02.07.2014, updated 31.12.2018 12:33

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The NRPA is the responsible authority for radiation from solariums in Norway, and the solariums are regulated by the Regulations on Radiation Protection and Use of Radiation (Radiation Protection Regulations).

The requirements in the regulations apply to all companies and organisations offering solarium, this being in a tanning studio, as part of other businesses/activities, or by rental of solarium to private individuals or workplaces. This also includes companies and organisations renting solariums from other companies and offering these solariums to others. Other business/activity might be gym/fitness studio, hotel or similar.

Veileder til solstudioeiere og virksomheter som tilbyr soling i solarium (“Veileder 3”, in Norwegian only) describes the requirements in the regulations for you, and we recommend that solarium owners read this thoroughly if possible.

18-year age limit and age control system

From 1 July 2012, no solarium for cosmetic purposes may be offered to persons under the age of 18 in Norway.

From 1 January 2017, all tanning studios must have an satisfactory age control system; see below. The following solutions are considered to be satisfactory:

  • Staffing, or staffing combined with electronic access control if the premises are not staffed throughout opening hours.
  • Video camera with document reader connected to a customer centre.
  • Other type of prior age check and registration, in combination with subsequent electronic access control.

The company or organisation must give an account of the system in its notification to the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA), according to the Radiation Protection Regulations, Section 13. The system must ensure protection of the customer’s personal data. See Notification requirements for companies/organisations and solariums.

StrålevernInfo 3:2016 «Nye regler for solarievirksomheter» (in Norwegian only) describes examples of solutions to how the requirements for an age control system may be fulfilled.

Requirement for knowledge test

From 1 January 2016, there is a requirement in the Radiation Protection Regulations, Section 38 saying that:

  • The undertaking shall ensure that the operative responsible person for the solariums, and employees in contact with the clients, have passed the competence test specified by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority. Passed test is a valid for 5 years.

Information about this mandatory test, “Solarieprøven”, is found on There you will also find a training course, which is an e-learning course containing all you need to pass the knowledge test. The training course and test are available in English as well as Norwegian.

The following people are considered as employees in contact with clients and must therefore have passed the test (the list is not exhaustive):

  • All employees working in receptions or the like at training centres/swimming pools/hotels/gas stations and so on, having a natural possibility of communication with the customers. It is not considered satisfactory that they only refer to a phone number for questions regarding sunbathing and the use of the solariums.
  • Those who perform age and/or access control or give information to the customers at workplaces where solarium is offered to the employees, for example at nursing homes etc. In cases where age and access control and information to customers are taken care of in an electronic solution, it is only the person responsible for the daily operation of the solarium who must have passed the test.
  • Those listed as local contact persons in unattended solarium studios, for example through announcements at the premises or in an electronic solution.

The person responsible for the daily operation of the solarium, that is, who is responsible for general/minor maintenance, daily check of the solariums, change of tubes and the like must also have passed the test. This means that it is not sufficient that the owner of a rented solarium has passed the test if the person renting the solarium is actually the one who performs the daily checks and minor maintenance on the solarium.

If you are in doubt whether you or your employees must have passed the test, please contact the DSA for guidance.

Other requirements for the solarium and company or organisation

Technical requirements:

Only solariums classified as UV type 3 according to EN 60335-2-27 and published on DSA's solarium list are allowed for cosmetic use in Norway.

Information for customers:

From 1 January 2015 there is a requirement in the Radiation Protection Regulations, Section 38, that the company/organisation offering solarium must inform each customer about relevant risk factors regarding the use of solarium. For this purpose, the DSA has prepared some information material, i.e. an information brochure (in Norwegian only), where the solarium customer determines his/her own skin type by answering some simple questions and then reads about relevant risk factors regarding solarium use for his/her skin type.

To fulfil this requirement, the company/organisation must give this brochure to each customer by handing out a printed copy, alternatively by making it available for the customer to take with him/her, or by distributing the information to customers electronically/making it available in an electronic solution. If other types of medium are used, such as video or interactive film, the company/organisation must ensure that the information is readily available to each customer.

In addition, for every solarium, there must be user instructions and an exposure schedule with recommendations on exposure time and intervals, according to EN 60335-2-27, in Norwegian, and the tanning facility must advise the customer according to the recommended schedule. There must also be a warning poster with precautionary text clearly visible in the tanning facility. From 1 January 2017 it is mandatory to use DSA’s version of the poster, and it must be placed so that other posters or notices don’t take the customer’s attention away from the poster.

If you want the contents of the information brochure in another file format for use in an electronic system, please contact the DSA.

The NRPA has had some copies of the information brochure printed (limited edition). These may be ordered by small and medium sized companies/organisations. Please send your order by e-mail to, and be sure to specify the delivery address and the desired number of brochures.

Administrative requirements:

  • All companies or organisations offering solarium must notify the DSA. This applies to both new companies and organisations and existing ones that have not notified after the notification requirement came into force on 1 January 2004. See “Notification requirements for companies and organisations and solariums”. From 1 January 2017 the notification must give an account of the chosen age control system. 
  • The company or organisation must have an active internal control system. The staff must have sufficient training and there must be written procedures and work instructions.
  • Required information and documentation must be provided during inspections, among other things a copy of the notification form and possible dispensations from the requirements. Inspectors must be able to check the sunbed model and sunlamps in use without difficulty; for example, all tubes should be installed in such a way that the name, equivalency code and type may be easily read.
    Inspections, either by the DSA or local authority employees, may be unannounced if these consider it necessary. If the local authority or the DSA must perform a second inspection, further measurements etc., to check whether breaches in the Radiation Protection Regulations have been rectified, the company or organisation may be ordered to cover the costs of this.