Personal dosimetry service at DSA


Published 03.07.2014, updated 31.12.2018 12:06

Keywords: Personal dosimetry

The dosimetry service is intended to assist Norwegian establishments in need of personal dosimetry readings for occupational exposed personnel.

The personal dosimetry service at DSA includes customers engaged in medical uses of radiation, and the use of radiation in industry and research. Medical personnel are the largest group of occupational exposed workers.

Dosimetry readings are available both by current subscription and on a one time basis.

Ordering personal dosimeters and readings:

Personal dosimeters must be ordered by written application. The application should contain the following details: company name and address (postal and street address), telephone number, contact person, number of subscriptions/dosimeters desired and a specific description of the type of work place/radiation use (e.g. industrial radiography, radiology, veterinarian, isotope laboratory and so on). Furthermore, the application should state the name, personal number and occupation category of all employees required to use a personal dosimeter.

Order forms for personal dosimetry may be printed out and sent by telefax (+47 67 14 74 07), or they may be sent electronically by email.


Order form personal dosimetry (in Norwegian).