Medical use of radiation in Norway


Published 03.07.2014, updated 31.12.2018 12:02

Keywords: Medical use of radiation

The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA) is the regulatory authority in Norway and oversees all radiation sources used in medicine in Norway.The surveillance performed by DSA of the undertakings are done through inspections, issuing guidelines and information and participating in various research projects, among other things. 

Photo: Anders Widmark, Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority

Photo: Anders Widmark, Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority


Norway has about 32 health care enterprises including about 85 somatic hospitals with 1,500 X-ray apparatuses for radiology diagnosis. There are about 500 smaller radiology facilities at medical centres, chiropractors and veterinarians, and many thousands used by dentists.
More than three million X-ray examinations are made in Norway every year, excluding those performed by dentists.


There are now about 125 CT installations in Norway.


Around 100 mammography systems are currently in use in Norway. Approximately 60 of these are used for screening and clinical mammography at sites participating in the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Program, the remainder are mainly used for clinical mammography in public hospitals and private X-ray clinics.

Nuclear medicine

There are 23 nuclear medicine departments in Norway with 52 nuclear medicine imaging equipment, of which there is 1 PET/MR , 7 PET/CT’s, 23 SPECT/CT’s and 21 gamma cameras.

Radiation therapy

There are about 40 linear accelerators at Norwegian oncological centres.

Intervention radiology/cardiology

The border between diagnosis and therapy is in some contexts rather diffuse. A number of conditions that used to be treated by surgery previous, are now being subject to intervention radiology.

Non-ionising radiation

In diagnostic radiology, too, there is also an extensive use of apparatus based on non-ionising radiation. There are about 100 tomographs based on magnetic resonance (MR) and 1,800 ultrasound devices. Most ultrasound devices are intended for diagnostic purposes, but there are also some intended for therapy. In addition are there about 100 surgical and 25 therapeutic lasers.