Radioactive waste in Norway


Published 11.07.2014, updated 31.12.2018 12:07

Keywords: Radioactive waste

The largest quantities of radioactive waste in Norway come from research reactors and nuclear power plants, including also some spent fuel, Industry, hospitals, research and so on also generate various kinds of waste, almost exclusively low and intermediate-level waste.
In Norway we have in operation a combined repository for low-level and intermediate-level waste (KLDRA) at Himdalen in Aurskog-Høland municipality. DSA has the right to make recommendations and provide advice to the Ministry of Health and Care Services as regards licences for construction and operation of the Himdalen facility. This facility is operated by the Institute for Energy Technology, which also operates the the single facility which today accepts large quantities of waste or disused sources etc.

Treatment of radioactive waste follows the guidelines prepared by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Sweden has made quite extensive progress in treatment of spent reactor fuel. Others are also involved in the development of treatment methods for radioactive waste, for example the OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency.