International cooperation


Published 02.09.2014, updated 31.12.2018 11:58

Keywords: International cooperation

The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA) has an extended international cooperation regarding nuclear safety.
The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) was established in 1928, and still enjoys much professional authority through its development of risk assessment and norm suggestion. These substantially influence the development of international norms and practical radiation protection work in remaining organisations in this area. Correspondingly, The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is developing norm suggestions in its area.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is a UN organ with a significant contribution in all areas of significance within radiation protection and nuclear security. IAEA manages conventions, standards and recommendations, and is also a driving force in the international cooperation on nuclear preparedness. The NRPA is heavily involved in a long series of IAEA activities, and supports the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway’s role as committee member in the period of 2006-2008.

The NRPA highly prioritises an active dialogue and cooperation with EU both in the area of administration and in relation to research. The European research cooperation covers a program on nuclear security and radiation protection, and the NRPA is involved in a series of projects both in the EU’s 6 and 7 framework program.

The Nordic countries’ authorities within radiation protection, nuclear security, and nuclear preparedness closely cooperate on a series of questions. The Nordic summit is well established and meets twice a year to develop a common view in central questions, to further develop Nordic preparedness and to establish or follow up cooperation projects. The NRPA is also heavily involved in the Nordic Nuclear Safety Research (NKS). The main object of this cooperation between the five Nordic countries is better security, increased competence and more knowledge of the nuclear security area.

The DSA plays a central role in following through the Government’s action plan for nuclear security in North West Russia. This involves, among other things, a close cooperation with relevant Russian authorities. A wider international cooperation is also necessary in this area.