The civil society


Published 18.07.2017, updated 18.07.2017 13:29

Keywords: Nuclear action plan

Non-governmental environmental protection organisations play an important role in nuclear safety.

Friends of the Earth Norway, Young Friends of the Earth Norway and Bellona’s work on nuclear issues in North West Russia represent an important link between the authorities and the public.

The presence of the environmental protection organisations in North West Russia is of great significance for Norwegian- Russian collaboration. By working with sister organisations in Russia, the civil society contributes to increasing the focus on environmental and nuclear safety issues, as well as increasing awareness of alternatives to nuclear power, energy economies and streamlining the energy sector. In recent years, there have also been activities to address nuclear safety issues in Ukraine. The work and publications of the non-governmental environmental protection organisations have led to good contact with professional and technical centres and have helped to increase international awareness of current nuclear safety issues.