Published 18.07.2017, updated 18.07.2017 13:36

Keywords: Nuclear action plan

The Chernobyl accident in 1986 in what is now Ukraine put the safety of the world’s nuclear power plants on the agenda.

Norway played an active role in international nuclear collaboration during the years that followed. When the conflict started in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, the authorities feared that the plants could be exposed to sabotage, accidents and terrorism. Norway and several other countries decided to support Ukraine in the work of safety and security projects at the country’s four nuclear power plants.

Norway has contributed to projects that have helped reinforcement of radioactivity checks at the border crossings and prevent the smuggling of radioactive materials. In addition Norway assists in ensuring that approximately 500,000 obsolete radioactive sources from industry, medicine and research do not go astray. There is now particularly close collaboration with the USA, Sweden and Germany on these topics.

Norway and other international partners have established a good cooperation to strengthen nuclear safety and security in Ukraine, which is also important for the safety of Norway and of Europe.